As I was sketching catchy names for my AcroYoga lessons, I was immediately struck by the overflow of meaning in this simple acronym. Straightforward and descriptive – AcroYoga with Arnau – AYwA. It turns out this is how little children will say the word ‘water’ in my mother tongue, when they still don’t master the variety of sounds in the language. Aywa. Aigüa. At that moment, the power of its meaning splashed my mind and yelled – Yes!

The smooth flow of your AcroYoga practice as in a clean stream of water, the playfulness of a little child that fearlessly explores and enjoys the moment. And on top of all that, ‘aywa’ indeed means ‘yes’ in Arabic.

I want to acknowledge here that AcroYoga can hardly be taught alone, and thus AYwA will usually bow by the side of a co-teaching partner that will share the beautiful experience of spreading this divine play.