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Who is this guy?

As a passionate human being, I love to bring other human beings to excitement and sharing passions. Since young, I explored the ability of making other people develop their potential, be it in their climbing technique or on undergraduate physics and mathematic classes. Very soon I realized that the powerful feedback and accomplishment feeling of helping others unlock their hidden potential, is an invigorating food for the soul.

I was touched by Yoga and Meditation in 2013 during an introspective trip to Thailand. Soon after, in 2014, partner acrobatics rocked my world and wrote clearly in my mind: “This is what you’ll do now!”.

Years of practice with wonderful teachers, partners, training groups and refinements of technique all around the world made who I am today. I started giving out workshops by mid-2016 encouraged by the friends who were learning it from me, and complemented my formation with the 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training and AcroYoga Teacher Training paths in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

AcroYoga and Partner Acrobatics offer an exciting and never-ending trip into the waters of your body and into the world of relationships and trust – and I want to invite everyone onboard!

Certificate AcroYoga Teacher

Certificate Yoga Teacher

Certificate Thai Yoga Massage