What is AcroYoga? and, can I?

Let me answer the second question first: YES you can!

Now to the first one =) What is AcroYoga? Well in very short and visual, AcroYoga is this!

Ter Canet (1)

But it’s also much more. AcroYoga is a playful practice that explores your hidden but truly existing acrobatic skills. It combines Acrobatics, Yoga, and healing arts. Why the Yoga thing? – you may ask. The practice of Yoga provides of a body self-awareness and control that later comes in handy for the partner acrobatic practice. However, having done Yoga or knowing anything about conventional Yoga is not a prerequisite for doing AcroYoga.  Many only started exploring Yoga way after mastering AcroYoga! (including myself).

You may have a look at this mosaic. All this is AcroYoga. And you can learn how to do that.

AcroYoga elevates the connection between you and others through movement, connection and play. The experience of taking flight with AcroYoga instantly dissolves fears and invites practitioners to tap into new and infinite possibilities of communication, trust, and union. – AcroYoga International

On top of having loads of fun and joy while learning and practicing AcroYoga, it comes with a nice bundle of positive side-effects too:

  • Empowers trust.
  • Unlocks hidden potential.
  • Improves self-confidence.
  • Tears down the walls of fear of contact.
  • Gives you a whole new perspective on life. Many report loosing fears after getting upside down.
  • Gives you a motivation to stay fit and flexible.
  • Connects you to your inner self.

Often the pictures of AcroYoga have the property to impress the people who has never tried it, and unfortunately, many won’t dare to try, perhaps fearing failure or unability. But let me tell you something: It’s way easier than it seems, and no matter who you are, you too can do AcroYoga!

So, what else do you think you need to come and try?

PS: If you are a hard-core traditional Yogi and skeptical about AcroYoga, check out my article on “Why AcroYoga? – A Yogi perspective”.