Special thanks to the co-teaching partners and locations that have brought our Workshops and Lessons into life! Also thanks to all the innumerable teachers I’ve had in all my career in workshops, conventions, trainings… You made who I am!

Thanks to the stunning Moivaro Lodge Arusha for allowing me to introduce the magic of AcroYoga in the middle of the Savanna in Tanzania – and even offering a discounted lunch to all its participants!dsc08215.jpg

Thanks to the cozy Namasté Yoga Studio in Eriskirch for the collaboration that is settling AcroYoga in the north side of the Lake Constance 🙂dsc00939.jpg

Thanks to the beautiful and spacey Iogashala in Amposta, south of Catalonia, for a magical pre-Sylvester Workshop that we hope to repeat yearly!

And thanks Sandra, Nadine, Nuria, Zena, Jules, Inga, Nicola, and Danica for possibilitating the workshops with your great company and co-teaching. As well as more recently Svetlana, Mònica, Lucie and Martina.

Thanks to the Czerner Tanzschule for the first AcroYoga courses I gave in Konstanz, inhereting the good work of Alissa and Joe.

Thanks to the STEPraum KonsTANZ for the last beautiful class-cycle and the ones to come.