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AcroYoga and Thai Massage Weekend with Almuth Kramer

Almuth Lunar

Enjoy a full program weekend diving into the three branches of AcroYoga in Konstanz/Kreuzlingen with Almuth Kramer and Arnau Bernad!

We will have three independent sessions to explore and expand our techniques in the three axes of AcroYoga International:

Saturday 11-14h – Solar AcroYoga, Partner Acrobatics
Saturday 16-19h – Lunar AcroYoga, Flying Therapeutics
Sunday 14-18h – Thai Yoga Massage Intensive with Almuth

All sessions can be booked independently, or altogether for a package price. See the price lists below the text.

☼~ Solar AcroYoga ~☼
We will open the weekend with the active and sportive practice of Solar AcroYoga and Partner Acrobatics. In this session we will explore the power that a mindful technique can unlock. Prepare to go through new imaginative drills, understand alignment, body-awareness and enhance partnership communication, which will all reflect into a nicer and more enjoyable acrobatic practice!
This session will be made suitable for both beginners and experienced acroyogis, by offering always different variations of the exercises that will keep everyone busy 🙂

Φ~ Lunar AcroYoga ~Φ
In the afternoon, we will dive into the world of the flying therapeutics – a field where the base will learn to combine acrobatic technique with massaging skills while the flyer will enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience!
Lunar practices are also open to everyone and, while more experienced practitioners will be able to provide longer sessions to their flyers, also beginners participate fully in the session and take away both, mindblowing ways of giving a massage to someone upside down, and the pleasure of receiving during the practice 🙂
For a better visualization of what this session will contain, we are happy to share this video with you!

☺~ Thai Yoga Massage ~☺
Dive deep into the universe of static-dynamic Thai Yoga Massage. Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing art that touches and balances the body physically, energetically and emotionally. With the application of rhythmic pressure on certain points and energy lines in the body combined with the yogic stretching of muscles and joint manipulation, blockages can be released and the energy restored to its natural flow.
Almuth Kramer will lead this session with her extensive experience on bodyworking and treatments as per the tradition of Thai Yoga Massage acquired in northern Thailand and developed further in the Sunshine House network. A first-timer and a complete luxury to have her for this 4-hour session, where we will learn the techniques, the movements, and the philosophy of Thai Yoga massage, on top of receiving over an hour of massage!
You can come with a partner or, if none available, write to us so we can make sure there’s enough individual participants to still get the best out of the experience.

♀~ About Almuth ~♀
I’m an passionate AcroYoga teacher, Yoga teacher (BYV), bodyworker (Thai Yoga Massage/ OsteoThai) and clown. I studied dramatics and communication science in Berlin and Buenos Aires. Besides teaching AcroYoga and Yoga worldwide I am co-hosting and organizing the German AcroYoga Kula Celebration – a festival in the german countryside where 300+ AcroYogis come together to play each year.
I am constantly diving deeper into healing arts with the OsteoThai Master Programm with David Lutt (France) & Jörg Schürpf (Switzerland) and the studies of Osteopathy at the Swiss International College of Osteopathy to gain an even clearer understanding for the miracles going on inside the human body.

I love to connect with people of all ages – from kids to grandparents – because I learn so much about life and the abundant practice of Yoga, AcroYoga and healing arts by observing and serving the different needs and skills of each single being. To watch people exploring trust, growing in their spectrum of movements and expression, deepening connections and rediscovering playfulness means a world to me and makes me happy.

♂~ About Arnau ~♂
As a passionate human being, I love to bring other human beings to excitement and sharing passions. Since young, I explored the ability of making other people develop their potential, be it in their climbing technique or on undergraduate physics and mathematic classes. Very soon I realized that the powerful feedback and accomplishment feeling of helping others unlock their hidden potential, is an invigorating food for the soul.
I was touched by Yoga and Meditation in 2013 during an introspective trip to Thailand. Soon after, in 2014, partner acrobatics rocked my world and wrote clearly in my mind: “This is what you’ll do now!”.
Years of practice with wonderful teachers (including Almuth!), partners, training groups and refinements of technique all around the world made who I am today. I started giving out workshops by mid-2016 encouraged by the friends who were learning it from me, and complemented my formation with the 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training and AcroYoga Teacher Training paths.
AcroYoga and Partner Acrobatics offer an exciting and never-ending trip into the waters of your body and into the world of relationships and trust – and I want to invite everyone onboard!

♪~ Prices ~♪
Full Weekend: 100€/ 115€ / 130€
Solar Session: 35€/40€/45€
Lunar Session: 35€/40€/45€
Massage Session: 45€/50€/55€
Prices always refer to “Early Bird”/”Discounted Price”/”Full Price”
Early Bird prices available with registration and payment until the 17/10/2018
Discounted Price available for: Students, Job-seekers, Single-moms, handicapped…

Register by sending an e-mail to and the payment details will be given to you for the possibility to catch an early bird.

Register soon! Only 16 spots are available!

Looking forward to receiving all of you!
Almuth & Arnau

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New beginners and intermediate AcroYoga courses in Konstanz!



We realised that we need to offer a guided introduction to AcroYoga in a dedicated course, and we need to offer more challenge to those who already got superstrong with us! 💪

Therefore, 2 courses of 4 appointments each will be open in September!

Intro and beginners Course – learn the basics pragmatically and surely, unlock 🔑 the potential and get all the tools 🔧 you need and want to start flying in jams and open level classes!

Intermediate and open level course – get creative 🎨 with us learning flows, washing machines and paving the path towards advanced skills! 🎆

📆 The appointments will be 1,5 hours every Wednesday of September at 18:15h (5., 12., 19., 26.09) Where? In the Czerner Tanschule Konstanz, or in the park of Stadtgarten if we have beautiful weather 🙂

📝 Register soon! The courses will take place starting with 4 fixed registrations. 💶 50€/40€ reduced.
Whatsapp: +491781402767
And YES, we are writing in plural because there will be two of us! 👫 So you will enjoy twice as much mentoring for the same price 😉


The picture 📷: Bell caves 🔔 in Ben Guvrin, the ancient city of Maresha in the Middle East 🌞 – only underground it’s fresh enough to do some Acrobatics and not die of overheating!

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Weekly Classes in Konstanz!

Hallo Liebe Flying Stars!

Nächste Woche ist das letzte Termin von der 8-Termine AcroYoga Series in Konstanz, und nachdem sich das Mittwochs AcroYoga so sich etabliert hat, freue ich mich sehr, dass wir den Termin ständig weiter führen werden!

Das heisst, ab dem 11. Juli ist jeden Mittwoch um 18:15-19:45 AcroYoga in Konstanz!

Die Termine werden in Blöcke von 4 Wochen organisiert, wo jedes Block Schwerpunkt an eine Skill gesetzt wird, und damit werden Waschmaschinen, Balance-Figuren und Counterbalances erforscht. Das letzte Termin jedes Blöckes wird dann für die Lunar Practices reserviert, mit Lunar Spiele, Therapeutisches Fliegen und Thai Massage.

Das erste Block hat folgende Termine – sofort eintragen! 🙂

➻ 11 Juli
➻ 18 Juli
➻ 1 August
➻ 8 August
Wir haben weiter die Czerner Tanzschule zur Verfügung, und immer wenn die Sonne scheint sonst im Stadtpark Sud-Westliche Ecke 🙂
Anmeldungen direkt bei mir auf diesem E-mail oder per Whatsapp unter +49 178 1402767
Standardpreis Block: 50€
Ermäßigt Block: 40€ 
Einzelne Stunde Drop-in: 15€


Workshops & Jams

New Solar Workshop with amazing flyer Danica!

The next workshop is on the pipeline!

I met Danica in the AcroYoga techer training in Mexico this year, and we had great fun playing and teaching together. Now, I am excited to come back here and have her as my first guest of the winter season at the Lake Constance AcroYoga! 😉 Danica and I will offer you a dedicated 3h Workshop in the Namaste Yoga Studio in Eriskirch.

We will focus into the solar practice of AcroYoga, refining the building blocks skills of the more advanced practice, and reaching up to as much as we can do! We prepared some fun exercises, dedicated trainings of understanding, and we’ll wrap it up and put it together with a beautiful flow.

The workshop is suited for beginners as well as for initiated in AcroYoga, and we will make sure to pick up your practice level as well as to challenge everyone with new learnings 🙂

Workshops & Jams

Summertime for the Tuesday sessions

Since two months we are jamming AcroYoga every Tuesday in Meersburg, and in this time you all exceeded my expectations. I have seen lots of excited faces and lots of engagement to learn new things, to practice, and to enjoy the time.

Despite starting quite personalized due to the lack of a big group, the community is growing and we now regularly have 6-7 people, and we had a top of 8 just yesterday (yay!) in a fun workshop that ended with a swim all together by the sunset over the Lake.

I am also happy and thankful to see that with this space that we have created, you grow your practice and become more confident every day. Where you once looked a person upside down with skepticism, you now are upside down in excitement. And we will continue to make our bases stronger and more flexible, and our flyers braver and more stable! And of course, we will switch roles! – because nothing is impossible in AcroYoga =).

Now despite the approaching Autumn, we will continue to meet for our regular sessions in Meersburg all September unless climatic conditions make it impossible – and beware, because we have already trained even under pouring rain and hail, in a workshop that we had to then stop and substitute it by a swim under the storm! =D

What happens from then on it’s still open, but I’m sure we will sort it out and continue our fun through the dark and white months ^^