AYwA – Yes! supports YogaPass Konstanz! – and vice-versa =)

I am personally very excited about this project: A single ticket for all Yoga studios in Constance – because I need this!

I am a Yogi out of shape. AcroYoga gives me all the kick, but out of laziness or lack of time, I haven’t looked for that one studio that suits me yet. This is why as soon as I read about the YogaPass I realized this is exactly what I need =)

And on top of that, we will put our AcroYoga classes and Workshops on YogaPass! Hooray to variety and Yoga-specialities exchange!

The best news? You can already buy your YogaPass Konstanz in advance, and use it as soon as it kicks off! Check it out here –>

Let’s all help to make it possible!

Cover Picture HFW Yogapass


General, Workshops & Jams

New beginners and intermediate AcroYoga courses in Konstanz!



We realised that we need to offer a guided introduction to AcroYoga in a dedicated course, and we need to offer more challenge to those who already got superstrong with us! 💪

Therefore, 2 courses of 4 appointments each will be open in September!

Intro and beginners Course – learn the basics pragmatically and surely, unlock 🔑 the potential and get all the tools 🔧 you need and want to start flying in jams and open level classes!

Intermediate and open level course – get creative 🎨 with us learning flows, washing machines and paving the path towards advanced skills! 🎆

📆 The appointments will be 1,5 hours every Wednesday of September at 18:15h (5., 12., 19., 26.09) Where? In the Czerner Tanschule Konstanz, or in the park of Stadtgarten if we have beautiful weather 🙂

📝 Register soon! The courses will take place starting with 4 fixed registrations. 💶 50€/40€ reduced.
Whatsapp: +491781402767
And YES, we are writing in plural because there will be two of us! 👫 So you will enjoy twice as much mentoring for the same price 😉


The picture 📷: Bell caves 🔔 in Ben Guvrin, the ancient city of Maresha in the Middle East 🌞 – only underground it’s fresh enough to do some Acrobatics and not die of overheating!

General, Workshops & Jams

Weekly Classes in Konstanz!

Hallo Liebe Flying Stars!

Nächste Woche ist das letzte Termin von der 8-Termine AcroYoga Series in Konstanz, und nachdem sich das Mittwochs AcroYoga so sich etabliert hat, freue ich mich sehr, dass wir den Termin ständig weiter führen werden!

Das heisst, ab dem 11. Juli ist jeden Mittwoch um 18:15-19:45 AcroYoga in Konstanz!

Die Termine werden in Blöcke von 4 Wochen organisiert, wo jedes Block Schwerpunkt an eine Skill gesetzt wird, und damit werden Waschmaschinen, Balance-Figuren und Counterbalances erforscht. Das letzte Termin jedes Blöckes wird dann für die Lunar Practices reserviert, mit Lunar Spiele, Therapeutisches Fliegen und Thai Massage.

Das erste Block hat folgende Termine – sofort eintragen! 🙂

➻ 11 Juli
➻ 18 Juli
➻ 1 August
➻ 8 August
Wir haben weiter die Czerner Tanzschule zur Verfügung, und immer wenn die Sonne scheint sonst im Stadtpark Sud-Westliche Ecke 🙂
Anmeldungen direkt bei mir auf diesem E-mail oder per Whatsapp unter +49 178 1402767
Standardpreis Block: 50€
Ermäßigt Block: 40€ 
Einzelne Stunde Drop-in: 15€



Grand Opening! Welcome!

Come in! Look around! Enjoy, and don’t hesitate to ask!


I’m sliding aside the curtains of that long craved project: Officially Teaching AcroYoga! Actually, I have done that for a while, but with this website, I want to bring it a level higher. All those random workshops around the world, all these new excited faces on discovering the magic of AcroYoga and unfolding the power within their own bodies now are collected and can be identified with this. AYwA – Yes!

In this website, you will find details on the upcoming and past Workshops, any existing regular sessions, direct ways to contact or find me, and many other possibilities.

Here I am presenting myself to you in a natural manner, the way I am. I wear no masks nor I try to present anything else than what there is. That’s how you and I will feel most comfortable, and that’s how we will build a trust relationship that will enable you to flow in your AcroYoga practice while I accompany you in this marvelous journey.

I’m excited and thankful in advance for all what will come and for everything we will learn together.

Let the show begin!