Workshops & Jams

New Solar Workshop with amazing flyer Danica!

The next workshop is on the pipeline!

I met Danica in the AcroYoga techer training in Mexico this year, and we had great fun playing and teaching together. Now, I am excited to come back here and have her as my first guest of the winter season at the Lake Constance AcroYoga! 😉 Danica and I will offer you a dedicated 3h Workshop in the Namaste Yoga Studio in Eriskirch.

We will focus into the solar practice of AcroYoga, refining the building blocks skills of the more advanced practice, and reaching up to as much as we can do! We prepared some fun exercises, dedicated trainings of understanding, and we’ll wrap it up and put it together with a beautiful flow.

The workshop is suited for beginners as well as for initiated in AcroYoga, and we will make sure to pick up your practice level as well as to challenge everyone with new learnings 🙂

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