Workshops & Jams

Summertime for the Tuesday sessions

Since two months we are jamming AcroYoga every Tuesday in Meersburg, and in this time you all exceeded my expectations. I have seen lots of excited faces and lots of engagement to learn new things, to practice, and to enjoy the time.

Despite starting quite personalized due to the lack of a big group, the community is growing and we now regularly have 6-7 people, and we had a top of 8 just yesterday (yay!) in a fun workshop that ended with a swim all together by the sunset over the Lake.

I am also happy and thankful to see that with this space that we have created, you grow your practice and become more confident every day. Where you once looked a person upside down with skepticism, you now are upside down in excitement. And we will continue to make our bases stronger and more flexible, and our flyers braver and more stable! And of course, we will switch roles! – because nothing is impossible in AcroYoga =).

Now despite the approaching Autumn, we will continue to meet for our regular sessions in Meersburg all September unless climatic conditions make it impossible – and beware, because we have already trained even under pouring rain and hail, in a workshop that we had to then stop and substitute it by a swim under the storm! =D

What happens from then on it’s still open, but I’m sure we will sort it out and continue our fun through the dark and white months ^^


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