Grand Opening! Welcome!

Come in! Look around! Enjoy, and don’t hesitate to ask!


I’m sliding aside the curtains of that long craved project: Officially Teaching AcroYoga! Actually, I have done that for a while, but with this website, I want to bring it a level higher. All those random workshops around the world, all these new excited faces on discovering the magic of AcroYoga and unfolding the power within their own bodies now are collected and can be identified with this. AYwA – Yes!

In this website, you will find details on the upcoming and past Workshops, any existing regular sessions, direct ways to contact or find me, and many other possibilities.

Here I am presenting myself to you in a natural manner, the way I am. I wear no masks nor I try to present anything else than what there is. That’s how you and I will feel most comfortable, and that’s how we will build a trust relationship that will enable you to flow in your AcroYoga practice while I accompany you in this marvelous journey.

I’m excited and thankful in advance for all what will come and for everything we will learn together.

Let the show begin!


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